Studio Pomegranate was set up in 2013 by Shweta Chhatpar and Pranav Naik. It is persistently exploring opportunities and potential for integrated collaborative design. We continually refine our design process to better the skillsets of everyone involved in our projects. We strive to discover and reinforce the passion of the people we work with - whether it is a search for meaning in design, the desire to serve out community, sharing knowledge and experience, or understanding the power of new software applications.


Environmental appropriateness is an underlying theme in everything we do. Sustainable design is the basis for decision making in our projects, from orientation, material selections, and systems options, to understanding the entire life cycle of the building so that it can adapt as programs change.


Shweta Chhatpar graduated with her Master of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, USA, specializing in Digital Architecture.

She is the author of ‘Digital Urbanization of a Potter‘s Colony’, Slum Redevelopment, Dharavi, Mumbai.


Pranav Naik graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture from Taliesin, The Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture, USA. Pranav has extensive experience with projects of varying sizes. He has hand built buildings and shelters, giving him unique practical knowledge of building. Pranav is a studio mentor at IES College of Architecture, Mumbai, and has lectured at the Centre for Science and Environment, IES College Of Architecture, Rachana Sansad's Academy of architecture, Rizvi College of Architecture, and the School of Environment and Architecture.